History of AHPO


The organisation that developed into AHPO began in 1999 as a sub-committee of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists with a remit to consider and recommend a programme for the education and training of ophthalmic support workers. As the work of the sub-committee progressed it became clear that wider and more formal representation from all ophthalmic related professional groups was needed. AHPO was established in 2002, became a registered company limited by guarantee in December 2003, and was registered as a charity in January 2005.


Membership of AHPO


The members of AHPO are organisations, not individuals, and each full member organisation can appoint a trustee to the Board of Trustees that is responsible for the leadership of the organisation. AHPO has the following member organisations:


Full members


British and Irish Orthoptic Society

British Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision

Ophthalmic Nursing Forum of Royal College of Nursing

Ophthalmic Imaging Association (formerly BOPA)

Royal College of Ophthalmologists


Associate members


UK Ophthalmic Pharmacists Group (UKOPG)

Vision 2020 (UK) Ltd


AHPO Board of Trustees


Voting members


David Keating - (BriSCEV)

Colin Clements - (OIA)

Janet Marsden - (RCN)

Manijeh Wishart - (RCOphth)

Rowena McNamara -  (BIOS)


Non-voting members and advisers


Rosalind Harrison - Chairperson

Mary Bairstow - Lay Adviser Vision 2020 (UK) Ltd


AHPO Alternates and Associate Member Representatives


Anita McCallum - (BIOS)

Mary Shaw - (RCN)

David Sculfor - (BriSCEV)


AHPO Education Committee




AHPO Examinations Committee


Chairperson Rowena McNamara


Important Documents


AHPO Memorandum and Articles of Association

AHPO Conflict of Interest Policy 001 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Contingency Plan 002 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Data Protection Policy 003 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Diversity and Equality Policy 004 Nov14.pdf

AHPO education committee 005 Nov14.pdf

AHPO examination committee 006 Nov14.pdf

AHPO examination guidance notes on appeal procedure 007 Nov14.pdf

AHPO examinations appeals procedure 008 Nov14.pdf

AHPO examinations complaints procedure 009 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Examinations Misconduct Policy 010 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Incident Procedure 011 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Invoice Policy 012 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Malpractice and Maladministration Policy 013 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Malpractice and Maladministration Procedure 014 Nov14.pdf

AHPO reasonable adjustments policy 015 Nov14.pdf

AHPO retention of records policy 016 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Service Level Agreements 017 Nov14.pdf

AHPO Special Consideration Policy 018 Nov14.pdf