BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science / Ophthalmic and Vision Science


AHPO is a Pearson-approved training centre. We provide education and training for the Level BTEC Level 4 Diploma that is awarded by Pearson. The Diploma is for staff working at the level of a Healthcare Science Associate. It is part of the Level 4 Healthcare Science apprenticeship programme,

but is also available for any ophthalmic staff who want to undertake the qualification as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The only difference between the BTEC Diploma for apprenticeship or CPD is the source of funding. Apprenticeships may be available to currently employed  as well as new staff.


The BTEC Level 4 Diploma has 10 mandatory units and 122 optional units. Each specialism within Healthcare Science can select optional units appropriate for the training of their staff. Thus the Ophthalmic and Vision Science Diploma has 10 mandatory units and 12 optional units that are listed here  You can download the full Pearson specification for the BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science here


AHPO teaches the knowledge-based units in the Diploma by distance learning. Course materials are delivered in a series of eBooks on an iPad that is included with the course. Course work is presented and assessed in an ePortfolio, and competence units are assessed in the workplace. AHPO assigns you an assessor, and your employer assigns you a workplace mentor. AHPO also provides face-to-face teaching at an annual AHPO meeting.


Applicants should have Level 2 and Maths and English, and preferably A-levels or equivalent, or relevant work experience. The Diploma should be completed in 24 months.   For further information on how to apply for the Level 4 Apprenticeship / BTEC Diploma please, please click on the options below.

If you are studying for the Level 4 BTEC Diploma as part of your CPD click below

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